Predicting the Future: Storycraft and PR Team-up

Supernatural Predictions: The Road We’re Coming To

Incendiary Statement Below Gif.

I Don’t Ship Destiel but am interested in its canonizing anyway.

Predictions up until the end of the series.

Read Under Cut if Interested


So, let me start this off by saying that I, like most of you, have seen Misha Collins and Russ Hamilton’s tweets. I have heard the news about Misha becoming a regular. I’ve heard the rumours, seen the polls and watched the interviews.

Let me also say I am a Public Relations personnel by trade with a degree in English Literature.

This leads to make some interesting conclusions about where Supernatural is going with its pairings and story in general. Which I will post here so in 3 weeks I can say : CALLED IT!

Prediction 1: Happy Endings ALL Around. (for the series finale anyway)

There really are only so many ways to write a story that is recognizable in Western Storytelling Tradition. And this one isn’t heading for tragedy like Kripke’s story arc was.

Likely enough, the series finale ends with our boys getting happy endings. Or what passes for happy for their individual characters. IE Sam becomes a Man of Letters, gets married and has kids. That’s the way his character arc is headed right now.

Prediction 2: Destiel becomes canon.

Let me start this off by saying I don’t really ship Wincest or Destiel. So this is not the opinion of shipper feels, this is the opinion of PR and the cultural climate of the television business.

Wincest is never going to happen in canon. Really. No matter how much you tweet. For the very simple reason that INCEST WILL NEVER GET THE GREEN LIGHT FROM THE TELEVISION EXECS. They won’t show it. It would likely lead to a shutdown of the series because no station is going to risk that kind of controversy.

Destiel, on the other hand, is a distinct possibility. Why? I hear the screams of SPN tumblr fans wail. Well, because story and free publicity. Destiel works in the story and character arcs we’ve been fed. It’s a possible route the writers can go. But it’s more interesting from a business perspective.

See, Supernatural has been running for 8 seasons now and they need to keep getting viewers. (Why Misha Collins is instrumental to this is another post all together). But that’s really difficult because Entertainment Media has all these shiny new shows to promote, and Supernatural is clearly a good bet. It’s not interesting to the media anymore. But the two male leads in a romantic-sexual relationship? That has potential and is publicity GOLD. Likely they set it up as the season 9 mid-season finale, which is around the time they need to pitch for a renewal for season 10. The media interest will blow up! People will watch the show just to see what this Dean and Cas thing is all about.

Also, it’s controversial enough that people will talk about it, but not controversial enough to lose air time. The rights of same-sex couples are of big interest right now. The cultural mind is ready for it.

Prediction 3: Gabriel returns

I have very little basis for this one except hope. I really liked Gabriel and I want him back. EVERYONE ELSE GETS TO COME BACK. Nobody ever really stays dead in this show ok?

Prediction 4: Human Cas – That’s the season 8 finale

This is so likely. The big problem with Cas is he’s so overpowered it’s difficult to write threats against him. He immediately dissolves all the stakes. Makes him hard to use. A Human Cas would solve this story issue nicely, letting him be around more, setting up the main conflict for season 9, getting some Destiel character development for my predicted media explosion etc. And they’ve already got enough backstory for Cas to be human. Also, they can’t kill him, no one’s going to buy that after 3+ resurrections. And Misha Collins is a confirmed regular.

So that’s the way I saw the world this week. Agree, disagree? Drop me a line.


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