Whether or not …

Whether or not the Mishapocalypse was annoying to some people on Tumblr, it actually is way better for him with the network than things like sending letters to the CW. The network honestly doesn’t care if a particular actor has the cult clout to get a few hundred impassioned fans to write a letter or send a tweet. Frankly, just about anyone can do that. But when that actor without even asking can make something go viral – the golden buzzphrase of the decade for money people in suits – to the point where it gets coverage from non-fandom traditional media outlets and completely inundates a social media platform? Now we’re cooking with kale.

-By andythanfiction,

Who may not be a PR practitioner, but can certainly think like one.

Link original post: http://andythanfiction.tumblr.com/post/79997008808/whether-or-not-the-mishapocalypse-was-annoying-to

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